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Earn Long Term Recurring Comissions Recommending A Great Product


$73.52 per sale


Want to partner with us? It's easy and costs you nothing. Here's how it works


Step 1

Sign up for a free ClickBank account. What is Clickbank? Clickbank is an online payment processor. Basically they collect money from everyone who upgrades their account to a PRO membership ($17/mo). They handle all the monthly billings and split the money 50/50 between you and I. It's all automatic and you get a check twice a month.


Step 2

Enter your new Clickbank username in the box below. Then you'll get instant access to links, banners, emails, and more that you can promote all over the internet. When someone clicks on your link and upgrades their membership you get paid.


How it Works

You recommend a completely Free tool - Free Article Spinner on your website or to your email list. People will thank you for recommending such a great free tool for them to use. After they join they will be offered a chance to join our Pro Package which normally sells for $17/mo. From past experience we expect an average subscription rate of 8.65 months.

That means you will earn on average $73.52 per sale. All by being a nice guy and recommending something they can use for free.

People stay subscribed to software services much longer than membership or information websites. We average 8.65 months per member.



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